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Resume Development

One of the most important steps in the job search process is having a resume that attracts potential employers. Wherever you are on your path to career success, a professionally written resume can make the difference between an unfocused job search and an effective, targeted one. 

All resume packages include a one-on-one consultation (in-person or by phone depending on your location) to discuss your goals and work history.  Each resume is tailored to the needs and experience of the individual. Through the process, we will assist you in uncovering your marketable professional strengths and unique value proposition. 

 Our goal is to provide you with a resume that effectively portrays your professional competencies including your skills, abilities, and experience, and enables you to begin your search for a new job with added confidence.                                        

                Ready to get started?  Invest in your career and hire a qualified professional resume writer. 
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