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The success of your company depends on the kind of people that your organization can attract, develop, and retain. Investment in the growth of a strong leadership team can have a cascading effect on all levels of your organization. Cultivating an engaged and energized workforce is the first step to unlocking your organization’s true potential.

Career Champions offers the critical services that are key to raising the bar on individual performance and maximizing the commitment to accountability and results.  Located near Raleigh, Durham, and the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina, Career Champions works directly with companies across a variety of industries in the areas of professional development and employee engagement.

In addition, when it becomes necessary to streamline your organization, Career Champions can provide individualized career transition assistance. Having managed five career centers for technology companies and a major financial institution, Deborah Fernandez, can work with your company to develop and implement an effective yet compassionate solution to reposition your exiting employees from the last day on the job to a bright new future.

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