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Career Transition

Career Transition Services are designed to provide our clients with the productivity tools required to conduct a successful job search.  Individual coaching and workshops cover, but are not limited to, the following topics:
Understanding Transitiondevelops a better understanding of the impact of the separation, the process of letting go, and the integrative process of moving forward with commitment, vision, and purpose. 

Discovery/Assessmentassists each individual in performing a self-evaluation to clarify their skills, abilities, interests, and overall experience and determine the added value they bring to a potential hiring manager. 

Communication Tools and Strategydesigns and crafts a resume and other relevant job-search materials (branding commercial, cover letters, accomplishment stories, etc.) to highlight qualifications, support their professional objective, and position them for their next career opportunity. 

Job Search Methodology/Productivitydevelops a focus for the job search through the creation of marketing plan, goal setting, and productivity benchmarks.

Networkingstructures a plan to gather marketplace information through personal resources and professional associations to help identify companies, job opportunities, and hiring managers.

Social Media - develops an effective online profile and presence and an understanding of which how social media sites best support their targeted position. 

Interviewingprepares the employees to excel during the interview, answer difficult questions, and effectively demonstrate how their qualifications meet the needs of the hiring manager and prospective company. 

Salary Negotiations - customizes a strategy for responding to the initial offer, determining the offer’s value, and negotiating the total compensation package. 

New Job - celebrates the next step in the career transition journey and provides a job search campaign wrap-up and evaluation.