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Career Transition / Outplacement

A Valuable Partner 

When your company must reduce its workforce in response to technology, market demands, mergers & acquisitions, or changes in strategic direction, Career Champions' experience can smooth the transition maximizing the positive outcomes for your company and its impacted employees.  From the first notification preparation meeting to the last exiting employee resume, Career Champions provides the customized services and support needed to address this potentially difficult situation.

Our clients consistently express appreciation for the in-depth attention they experience during the transition and the valuable guidance they receive regarding the preparation, implementation, and execution of their search for a meaningful future.

Benefits for your company include:
Manager Notification Training - insures a consistent message is delivered to each employee concerning the reason for the separation.  Prepares the managers with appropriate responses to the range of emotions encountered and reduces concerns that the manager may have conducting the meeting or staying on message. 

On-Site Support - transfers the focus from the present situation to the future and provides an opportunity for the exiting employee to begin taking the first steps on the path that lies ahead.

Community/Public Awareness - protects the company’s image with customers, vendors, stockholders, competitors, the general public and the local community.  Maintains or improves the morale of the remaining employees, and positively influences future recruitment and hiring.

Group Meetings - provides an orientation to the career transition services that are an integral part of your company's separation benefit package.